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  • for 2022 Earth day 世界地球日

Earth Day

How are you doing at this time? This Earth Day, let’s connect the earth and each other at Little Parrot Farm! Let us explore organic healthy lifestyles, knowing more about eco tips, Buy Nothing market, live music and more! When:4/23/2022 10am-3pm; Where:2126 Desire Ave. Rowland Heights...
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  • Backyard-Gardening101

Backyard Gardening 101

Always wanted to start planting something in your backyard but never knew how to start? Five backyard gardening classes will make you a gardener! Time: 10:00 ~ 11:30 am, Sunday, 4/4~5/2; Fee: Pay what you can...
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  • 2020 Summer Program Online

Summer Program-Online

Even though one may not be able to visit the farm, but kids can learn from the teachers at the farm to manage their own garden, to make food, and how to extend one's body and mind! Space is limited, sign up soon!...
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  • Yoga Saturday 9am-2020 at Little Parrot Farm

Community Yoga

Join local yoga teacher Rachel Wang for a morning flow reset! Connect body and breath with a slow, mindful practice designed to unknot your body, release tensions, and create space. All levels and backgrounds are welcomed....
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  • Tips to Stay Young and Healthy

Tips to Stay Young and Healthy

The Little Parrot Farm invites you to join us as we decode the secret to good health and looking younger. On Tuesday, October 8th at 10:00 am, Professor Ouyang Jing, the founder of fruit and vegetable fasting therapy and self-enema, will share with you the principles of eating and foods to eat in order to promote genetic health and younger-looking skin. Venue...
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  • Succulent arrangement workshop-Oct. 12

Succulent Arrangement Workshop

Succulent plants are low maintenance and come in all different shapes and colors. A beautiful pot of succulent arrangement not only compliments your living space, but delights your life. On Saturday, Oct. 12, at 1:30 pm, our succulent expert will show you how to create your own arrangements, which you will take home after the class. Fees: $25 (includes registration and...
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  • farm to table cooking class

Farm to Table Cooking Classes

Please join us to create a new trend of cuisine – tasty and healthy; whole food and in season; organic and environmentally friendly. Little Parrot Farm invites you to experience the fun of outdoor cooking and discover the key to health, tastiness, and happiness. For every Wednesday 10am-12pm starting from 9/4 to 10/23, total cost is $120 for 8 lessons....
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  • Thai Cooking Class: Pad Thai & Curry

Thai Cooking Class

Come learn with Ning O’Young who graduated from University of Chiang Mai in family and consumer sciences, and taught Thai cooking at Baan Thai cooking school!...
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  • Bee Class and Bee Experience

Bee Class and Bee Experience

Do you know what buzzing bees do every day? How do the densely-packed bees live in an orderly manner? Although the little bees seem inconspicuous, their pollination behavior has a great effect on the balance of natural ecology! On 6/22, Saturday, Little Farm invites bee expert, Jose Amezcua, to share with us how we can learn from a bee’s life...
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  • Care tips for Cherimoyas

Care tips for Cherimoyas

Custard apple, commonly known as the cherimoya fruit, tastes great and has a high nutritional value. Have you ever thought about planting it yourself? However, many people have encountered the problem that their cherimoya trees could not produce fruit. No worries! Little Parrot Farm will host a gardening workshop on Saturday, 6-8-2019, featuring the topic of cherimoya care. Mr. Xu...
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