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  • All about beneficial bacteria and pickle making

All about beneficial bacteria and pickle making

Pickled vegetables sold in supermarkets are often tested for excessive preservatives or chemical additives! How to make healthy pickles, so that you can enjoy the delicious food and reap the benefits of the lactic acid bacteria? Little parrot farm will host a workshop on beneficial bacteria and pickle making. Come join us to find out how to use natural ingredients...
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  • Spring Tea time - April 13

Spring Tea Time

Drinking tea not only replenishes water for the body, but also offers a variety of health benefits. Little Parrot Farm invites you to the Spring Tea DIY workshop, led by the natural regimen expert, Ms. Lu, Suirong, on 4/13 at 10 am. What kind of tea should I drink in the spring? Ms. Lu will share with you the properties...
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