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  • farm to table cooking class

Farm to Table Cooking Classes

Please join us to create a new trend of cuisine – tasty and healthy; whole food and in season; organic and environmentally friendly. Little Parrot Farm invites you to experience the fun of outdoor cooking and discover the key to health, tastiness, and happiness. For every Wednesday 10am-12pm starting from 9/4 to 10/23, total cost is $120 for 8 lessons....
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  • Thai Cooking Class: Pad Thai & Curry

Thai Cooking Class

Come learn with Ning O’Young who graduated from University of Chiang Mai in family and consumer sciences, and taught Thai cooking at Baan Thai cooking school!...
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  • Bee Class and Bee Experience

Bee Class and Bee Experience

Do you know what buzzing bees do every day? How do the densely-packed bees live in an orderly manner? Although the little bees seem inconspicuous, their pollination behavior has a great effect on the balance of natural ecology! On 6/22, Saturday, Little Farm invites bee expert, Jose Amezcua, to share with us how we can learn from a bee’s life...
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  • Care tips for Cherimoyas

Care tips for Cherimoyas

Custard apple, commonly known as the cherimoya fruit, tastes great and has a high nutritional value. Have you ever thought about planting it yourself? However, many people have encountered the problem that their cherimoya trees could not produce fruit. No worries! Little Parrot Farm will host a gardening workshop on Saturday, 6-8-2019, featuring the topic of cherimoya care. Mr. Xu...
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  • Summer Health Regimens

Summer Health Regimens

Chinese medicine believes that our health is closely related to natural phenomena, including the four seasons and the five elements of nature. On 6/15, Saturday, Ms. Suirong Lu, an experienced instructor on natural regimens, will share with you how to achieve a balance in your system by employing the five elements and colors. What should you drink in the summer?...
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  • Hand-made soap DIY at Little Parrot Farm

Hand-made soap DIY

You probably have heard of the benefits of handmade soap: natural, gentle, moisturizing, environmentally friendly, etc. Have you ever thought about making it yourself? Little Parrot Farm is inviting Mr. Qin Xianghong, who has many years of experience in handmade soap, to show you how to make soap within four hours, from coloring, rendering, cutting, to packaging. You’ll take home...
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  • All about beneficial bacteria and pickle making

All about beneficial bacteria and pickle making

Pickled vegetables sold in supermarkets are often tested for excessive preservatives or chemical additives! How to make healthy pickles, so that you can enjoy the delicious food and reap the benefits of the lactic acid bacteria? Little parrot farm will host a workshop on beneficial bacteria and pickle making. Come join us to find out how to use natural ingredients...
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  • Spring Tea time - April 13

Spring Tea Time

Drinking tea not only replenishes water for the body, but also offers a variety of health benefits. Little Parrot Farm invites you to the Spring Tea DIY workshop, led by the natural regimen expert, Ms. Lu, Suirong, on 4/13 at 10 am. What kind of tea should I drink in the spring? Ms. Lu will share with you the properties...
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