2024 English Lamrim Course

Mastering wisdom by understanding the profound truths of life.

Practical guidance to help us conquer life’s various challenges.

Liberate from anxiety and regain our joy and inner peace.

Take charge in shaping a wonderful life that we really deserve.

Expand mental power and experience the joy of a spiritual harvest.

Starting May 25, 2024  Bi-weekly Class on Saturday @ 2 PM

Join our renowned Buddhist study groups for a life changing experience!

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a Journey Towards Greater Confidence, Positivity, Wisdom, and Kindness.

We are a global fellowship of devoted Buddhist adherents focused on aiding you in learning Buddhism and understanding life with more insight. We have constructed one of the most superior study group frameworks internationally, granting exceptional potential for personal advancement and spiritual growth. We believe that ultimate happiness is attained only with thorough understanding of life.
We can help you reach goals of improved relationships, joyfulness, and spiritual liberation. Our program is centered around “The Great Treatise on the Stages of The Path to Enlightenment”, also referred to as “Lamrim”. This masterpiece encapsulates the essence of Buddhism in an easy-to-understand structure, offering insightful directions throughout life.


Your Life Magnificent

Our study groups have had a tremendous effect on people’s lives, cultivating an increased morale, faith, wisdom, and compassion. Most members have noticed dramatic alterations in their lives, feeling a deep immersion in joy and serenity every day.

Our Lamrim Course can help you!

If we study and practice according to the Great Treatise, we will become wiser and more compassionate and can live in joy. We will know how to better our present and future lives by making the right choices every day. To the ultimate end, we can terminate the cycle of rebirth and realize Buddhahood – the complete manifestation of compassion, wisdom, and the unhindered abilities that are inherent in all of us.
Lamrim-Class 2024


The Great Treatise

The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim) is one of the brightest jewels in the world’s sacred literature. The “Great Treatise” is held as supreme in the world, because it lays out the complete path to enlightenment in the most clear, logical and concise way. It details the gradual steps of practice, taking everyday people to holiness and, ultimately, achieving Buddhahood. The Lamrim offers invaluable advice for those pursuing truth and lasting happiness.

Who can study the Great Treatise?

The systematic and practical teaching is suitable for people at all stages of life, from beginners to high level spiritual practitioners. It is suitable for any age and any religious background.

Who will lead the course for us?

Elaine Lo is not only the founder and CEO of a prominent American brand but also the leader of her own charitable foundation. She has dedicated her life to the study of Buddhism, establishing herself as a distinguished Lamrim instructor, and has trained under some of China’s most esteemed Zen masters in meditation. Her teaching style is unique, blending Western scientific methodologies with Eastern philosophy and culture. Elaine’s classes are modern, easy to understand, and always brimming with positive energy, gratitude, and humor.
2024 Lamrim Course


Topics Covered in our Course:

  • How to communicate & pave the path to wisdom.
  • The fastest and the most potent key to success.
  • How to win mentors and benefactors in life.
  • Grasp a rare opportunity of a leisure human life.
  • Understand impermanence, overcome greed and apathy.
  • The different life forms in the six realms of universe.
  • Seeking the most qualified and precious reliance in life.
  • Understanding all causes and effects – Karma rules.
  • Carving out your dream life and destiny.
  • Unveiling the true nature of life – the four noble truths.
  • The 12 causes for never-ending reincarnation life.
  • Develop a mind of enlightenment with compassion.
  • How to make all good wishes come true.
  • Gain a rich and joyful life through perfecting generosity.
  • How to cultivate an unyielding endurance.
  • How to always improve and advance in life.
  • Meditation develops strong mind power, ability and serenity.
  • Learn “emptiness”, the most profound wisdom.

Starting May 25, 2024

Bi-weekly Class on Saturday @ 2 PM